How it all began

New Zealand was a mystery to me in my younger days; I knew where it was located in relation to Australia, I knew it was cold and I knew there was a lot of sheep. I’m sad (and a little embarrassed) to say that was about it.

But when my interest was piqued by a family friend, I suddenly saw the advantages of holidaying in New Zealand. It had all the glitz and glamour of international travel complete with complimentary plane food but was only 3 hours away! It also didn’t hurt that the Australian dollar converted to more New Zealand dollars, but lets not focus too much on my money-grabbing. Holiday One led into Holiday Two and so began a ridiculous number of trips (11 and counting) and one stint living in the North Island. My affection and interest in New Zealand has not waivered and likely to never waiver. Every visit, I just want more, more and more. For those Narnia fans out there, it is that Turkish Delight scenario all over again.

JeNZ Guide will cover my experiences in New Zealand over the last decade or so – character-filled towns, knee-buckling adrenaline rushes, delicious food, and wonderful people. Don’t let New Zealand be a mystery to you! Read this blog, watch some quality New Zealand television shows (Bro Town, people!) and get visiting every chance you get. Until then, just read this blog.

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