Adrenalin Is Go!

Just north of Wellington, in Porirua, you can free your inner monkey while challenging your physical and mental strength.  Why, you ask?  Is “because you can” a good enough answer?  Adrenalin Forest describes itself as a “multi-level, aerial obstacle course”.  I describe it as “hanging on wires from perilous heights while connected by two small carabiners”.
After to-ing and fro-ing whether we would participate, we paid our entrance fee, made several nervous toilet trips, and were professionally fitted into our harnesses.  We were then run through the safety briefing (don’t be foolish and risky, etc) and walked through how the carabiners CLiC-iT Safety System works.  CLiC-iT is an “interactive continuous belay system” meaning that the user is never completely detached from the safety lines as there are two carabiners on the harness and one is always locked.  This came as a relief for someone overly safety-conscious, especially as there is a high level of independence throughout the course.  I will not deny that I checked, rechecked and rerechecked my carabiners throughout the activities. But it was most comforting that before being let loose, we (and all participants) had to prove our ability to safely use the CLiC-iT in a supervised area. Then it was show time!

Log pathway, Adrenalin Forest
Nice logs!

There were numerous challenges referred to as Pathways. We began at number one (who would have thought?) and worked our way through as many challenges as possible. There was no going backwards in the course and no repeating a Pathway.  Each Pathway was higher and more challenging then the last.  There were log bridges, single line wires, drums to crawl through midair and my favourite – flying foxes!  As I said it gets harder and higher, and with the body battling fatigue and the mind battling the height and ensuring the carabiners are correct, it takes quite a lot out of a person. But the sense of accomplishment is worth it for each Pathway that is conquered.

Adrenalin Forest, Wellington
I spy way up high… Steve on a skateboard on a wire.

Steve made it a LONG way through because he is fit, strong and determined. I succeeded in getting to Pathway 8 (but note that some had sub-pathways such as 3a, 3b, etc!) but because everyone works to their own level, there are no losers. That is my kind of adventure.

High Wire Pathway, Adrenalin Forest
I’m a balancing pro!  Ok, Steve is a balancing pro.

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