Big Balls!

I like big balls and I cannot lie.  By big balls I mean the super-outsize, bouncy, plastic balls.

Super-outsize, bouncy, plastic ball.  Otherwise known as a ZORB.

Courtesy of ZORB Rotorua (and by courtesy I mean they had the ball and I had the cash), I had the fortune to experience that rare opportunity to roll down a hill inside a large ball.  Not just once, but twice 5 years apart!

Upon signing my life away, and choosing my ZORB ride of choice (hydro: water-filled ball, dry: no water) my fellow ZORBers and I were driven up to the ZORB launch area via 4WD.  After the requisite safety briefing, it was requested I Superman jump into the ball. This left me feeling slightly vulnerable as on the two occasions I ZORBed my jump was less Superman and more elephant stuck half in the ball and half out.  It was then a rather unattractive butt wriggle to get the rest of the way in.

Once in the ball, it was surprisingly roomy.  Until your ZORB mate also jumps in.  Luckily it was also an unattractive and ineffective Superman jump from both of them too. The ZORB masters threw in some water and honestly, this is rather chilly during a New Zealand Autumn. Then the entrance hole, so to speak, was zipped closed. It could feel a little claustrophic but as there was a somewhat opaque view out of the ball, this feeling was squashed immediately.
Then the fun really began.  We were pushed, ball and all, from the launching platform and it was all downhill from there. The water allows riders to slip and slide up and down the inside of the ball as it speeds downhill.  I equate it to being in a washing machine that has fallen off a truck and miraculously doesn’t stop mid-cycle.  I received a blow to my head courtesy of my friends’ (yes you, Kaz) knee but that is the breaks of ZORBing. It is way too much fun to even care.

Ready, set…


To the bottom of the hill and hopefully not beyond!

After being thoroughly rolled round and about, the ball came to a quiet stop at the bottom of the hill.  It was almost a disappointment as I had visions of rolling through Rotorua in a rogue ZORB ball but I guess all good things must come to an end.  It was then time to make another slightly less graceless exit from the ZORB ball.

I’m reborn!

Once the roll is completed, you get to pose for pics like this:

Fun ballin’ times!

Or pics like this (image credit to ZORB Rotorua):

We were way more excited then the workers.

As initiated ZORBers, we then sat back and enjoyed watching fellow ZORBers roll the gauntlet.  We saw four adults in one ZORB and as it launched with a thud, there was a unison groan of “uhh” from the ZORBers. We had a good laugh, not sure they did. So for big balls sake, get into ZORBing. You’ll have a ball… See what I did there?

6 thoughts on “Big Balls!

  1. What a blast! I’ve just posted my Zorbing photos, what an experience! My partner also tried the aqua zorb (with the water inside). Luckily, he brought a change of clothes. The other guy in the photo didn’t and had a very unpleasant journey home!


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