I’m Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

After a strenuous day, week or month of adventuring, there is nothing quite like a relaxing spa to re-energise the soul and clean those dirty feet.  So after mountain biking, ZORBing, kayaking, shweebing and swooping my way through Rotorua, I made a beeline for the Polynesian Spa.  My adventure-rattled nerves deserved it!

First, a history lesson: The Polynesian Spa is steeped in Rotorua’s therapeutic history, with the original springs being used by the Maori people.  Multiple baths were built and eventually demolished by government in the late 1800s.  But in 1972 the site was leased by a private company who took redevelopment to a new level and several new pools were created.  The pools are fed from two hot mineral springs – the acidic Priest Spring and the alkaline Rachel Spring.  The history books say that Priest Spring gained its fame as it cured a bathing priest of his arthritis in 1878.  The acidity of the mineral spring reportedly brings relief to achy muscles and body pains.  Rachel Spring’s alkaline water contains sodium silicate, said to nourish the body’s largest organ – the skin.  Ageless beauty is bestowed upon those who swim in Rachel Spring.  Polynesian Spa is the only place where acidic and alkaline mineral springs combine, giving bathers a complete therapeutic experience.

Today, there are a variety of indulgent, tranquil therapies and pools to choose from.  The Lake Spa area has four alkaline pools which increase in temperature.  Starting at a cosy 36 degree Celsius, bathers move up pool by pool to a very balmy 42 degrees Celsius!  I love a hot shower but folks, this is HOT!  I felt like I was slowly boiling but my body was actually ridding itself of toxins and returning to its beauitful soft, silky self (if it ever was.). But toxins or no toxins, who wouldn’t feel fantastic lazing in a mineral pool overlooking beautiful Lake Rotorua?  Recently an acidic pool was added whose water is said to relieve aches and pains.  Perfect after peddling a mountain bike for hours on end.  A cold plunge pool has also been added since my visit, so I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it as yet.

If only 42 degrees Celsius in Brisbane felt this good.

There are also private pools to share with that special someone (but no funny business, please) and adult-only pools too (again, no shenanigans).  I was feeling especially  indulgent on one visit and treated myself to the Aix therapy treatment.  The Aix is pretty spesh being that while being massaged, I was laying under jet streams of warm water!  Sure the room looked a little weird and clinical, and the masseuse was wearing togs but it can’t be denied it is an awesome experience (no photo available in order to preserve the dignity of all involved).  On top of the incredible massage, the fluffy bathrobe and pristine facilities, the fee also included admission to the Lake Spa so I paddled to my hearts content before and after my treatment.

Lake Spa views.

If you are needing some time-out, rejuvenation or just a good clean, Polynesian Spa is the place to be.  Your body and soul will thank you for it!

* N.B. History regarding the springs was thoroughly researched by reading BOTH the Polynesian Spa website and brochure.  I do my research properly, thank you very much.

2 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. I for one think the photos would have been a delight to this story! This place sounds amazing and I need it in my life right now. How do we make it happen????


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