Coffee Cures All

At the southern point of Lake Rotorua is Sulphur Point, a place that is historically important for a number of notable springs and mud pools.  One such pool is the Coffee Pot, with many people travelling to, and even camping by, its murky waters.

The Coffee Pot was said to once be surrounded by manuka bushes; I can’t confirm if this is still the case today as I’m a poor botanist.  However moving on from my plant-identification skills, these trees did (and maybe still do) serve a purpose.  Bathers used rope to attach themselves to the manuka bushes while taking a dip.  Why?  I don’t know, perhaps they were poor swimmers, maybe there was the possibility of being overcome by the stench, perhaps a mud monster lurked underneath.  “Safety First” is my assumption but we all know assuming equals asses.

So why was this mud pool held in such high regard?  This I do know.  Although the Coffee Pot has an appearance similiar to a bubbling pot of hot coffee, it was said to have therapeutic benefits… if you bathe in it.  It is not advisable to drink from this pool in spite of its name, and as the muddy waters are caffeine-free why bother anyway?  But the Coffee Pot was/is an all-healing brew for a variety of ailments.  Bathers exited smelly and stained by the mud but that was inconsequential if one could be cured of arthritis or gout.  After all, coffee leaves us with coffee-breath and stained teeth but we still down multiple cups each morning in a feverish panic.

Just how I like my coffee – hot and ummm… murky, with floaty bits.  Yum.

The bubbling, percolating waters of the Coffee Pot is worth a look and a photo, but milk and sugar aren’t included.

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