Botanic/Botanical, Potato/Patato

Botanic Garden versus Botanical Garden.  I have no idea which term is more acceptable, but I did enjoy strolling through the Wellington Botanic Garden. 

Situated at the top of the Wellington Cable Car track is a horticultural wonderland spanning 25 hectares.  Although there were several entrances into the Garden, using the Cable Car means we enjoyed a fun and funicular ride up the hill, (that’s right – funicular, to be discussed in my next post), followed with an easy downhill walk via the Garden.

There were endless pathways weaving their way through the leafy landscape, but using the primary downhill path and off shooting from it ensured we saw most everything and missed nothing.  In addition to the downhill path, there was a bush walk on the western side of the Garden, and a sculpture trail on the eastern edge. It was worth walking the compass in this Botanic Garden.

Seasonal flower beds, Wellington Botanic Garden
Busy as a bee checking out the Seasonal Flower Beds.

Pristine green lawns were interspersed throughout the walk, along with specific species displays including camellias, rhododendrons (my favourite word!) and the ever-popular however thorny they may be, roses.


A multiflora rose… whatever that means.

We smelt our way through a fragant garden and had a quack of a time at the duck pond.

Quack me!  Just jump in already.

Not to mention there was a most excellent waterfountain (even if it did make me need to use the bathroom).

Rain on me.

In addition to the endless flora, there was also rock gardens and a sculpture walk.  Abstract in concept and design, the sculptures appeared out of nowhere like hidden gems.  The view from the sculpture walk was rather magnificent so even though I didn’t fully appreciate the art, I did enjoy the view.

Sculpture Walk, Wellington Botanic Garden
Even without a plant allergy, this one will hurt if you get too close.

At the bottom of the hill was a peace garden, where we rested our weary legs and spent a few moments thanking the Universe for all the beautiful things it created and the people that trimmed, hedged and pruned it.

Yellow lilies apparently signify “gaiety”, and we did have a fun time!

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