Sweet as.  Choice bro.  Represent.

To the uninitiated these are all classic Kiwi terms. There is no denying NZ has the best, albeit unique, lingo. But this lingo is just a small part of NZ’s appeal. To me, NZ feels like home. For those familiar with The Chronicles of Narnia, NZ can only be described as my Narnia – a place where I can do anything, be anyone. The air is fresher, water cleaner, grass greener, sky bluer. For me, NZ is that oddly compelling blend of peacefulness, tranquility, adventure and adrenaline.

I had the good fortune to live and work in NZ and visited countless times. I’ve had many the adventure and this blog is a collection of those experiences – it’s JeNZ Guide to all things New Zealand!!!

So get yourself to New Zealand!  But if you can’t experience it firsthand why, grab yourself an L&P, read this blog, close your eyes and pretend you’re there!


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